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My journey in animation began in an art class in my small hometown in Finland. As I was the only student of my year to choose Visual Arts as a Higher Level topic, my teacher gave me almost complete freedom to explore any art form that interested me. To say animation was my first choice would be a lie. The small 2D animations I produced in Krita were haphazard as I had never heard the phrase '12 principles'. However, I remember my joy of working on them fondly. I have never been the best artist of my class but giving life through animation was something I fell in love with.

When I graduated from my high school, my road took me to the University of the West of Scotland. Through the first years, I was introduced to the wider world of the animation industry and I came across multiple crossroads in my path. I was unsure which job I would really fit in. I ended up working as a 3D modeller for my hometown's city planning department during the first 2 years. While I loved the department and the  people I worked with, the experience proved to me that while I like 3D modelling, it is not my greatest passion. 

This is when my interest in storytelling and giving life to characters started rearing its head again. In my third year, I decided to give character animation a go as my specialism and that is the road I am still on. With the help of my mentorship with Axis Studios  in my final year, I have become sure that this is the path for me. Everyday I am expanding my skills and I want to learn more and more with every passing day. 



      MAYA                 UNREAL ENGINE                 BLENDER


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